A Leader in Finding the Heart of Health and Happiness.

Melanie Carvell is an inspirational health and wellness speaker who loves sharing her fitness enthusiasm with others.  She is a physical therapist, worksite wellness consultant, six-time All-American triathlete, and author of Running with the Antelope: Lessons of Life, Fitness and Grit on the Northern Plains. 

Melanie’s interactive presentations will inspire you to take charge of your health, reintegrating your body and spirit along the way to a happier, healthier life. With her humble and engaging style she delivers useful information with a big dose of inspiration for all of us to be more mindful and intentional. Her presentations get her audience moving with practical tips, meaningful activity, and compelling information that is helpful and motivating. Melanie will inspire you to fit more movement and joy into your day, resulting in more energy, productivity, and most importantly – happiness!


Through not only her success as a triathlete, but also through her spirit, enthusiasm and personality, long ago Melanie became one of America’s triathlon ambassadors. She has a lot to share in this book, not only about being an athlete but also about struggles and triumphs of life that we all can relate to. -Tim Yount, Chief Operating Officer, USA Triathlon

Melanie Carvell is one of my running heroines. I had the privilege of attending one of her running classes emphasizing efficiency of movement, prevention of injury and low impact running. Chairs had to be added to the classroom to accommodate the many people who continued to arrive. It was a fascinating class. I would have enjoyed another hour of instruction! – Jacqueline Biloff